About Memoventures

MEMOventures started in November 2019 as a fun attempt to venture into the world of digital art. 

Here, I share my drawings of the adventures of my mascot, Memo and his friends as they go about their day at the BunnyAndYarn office.


Memo the mail-bunny

Memo is the mascot and in-house mail-bunny of BunnyAndYarn. All your orders are delivered to you by Memo himself. 

He is a hardworking and cheerful bunny who aspires to make sure that mail always reaches their receipients on time without fail. He also loves his job as it helps him to explore and travel to new places.

Memo's name is inspired by the words "Memory" and "Memo-pad". His name represents the good memories that we hope BunnyAndYarn can bring to everyone through our various works. 

Cream the Quality Controller

Cream is the in-house Quality Controller at BunnyAndYarn. She spends her time making sure that all your orders are prepared and packed correctly before it is passed on to Memo for delivery.

She is a super neat and meticulous bunny who loves to clean in her free time. She also takes care of all the other bunnies at BunnyAndYarn.

Cream is the partner of Memo and her name was inspired by her initial design, in which she was designed to be cream-colored.

Hops the Customer Service

Hops is the maknae (막내, meaning the youngest of the group) of all the bunnies at BunnyAndYarn. He is a shy and quiet little bunny but his kind-hearted nature helps him to be a good fit for customer service. Right now, he's in charge of looking out for all the messages that we receive online. 

He is timid but patient and very sincere, so he works hard to make sure all your requests are met. In his free time, he loves gardening and looking at flowers.

His name is inspired by Pokemon Sword & Shield, as we named our character Memo and his main rival / best friend was named Hop, so we decided to name the next bunny after him. 





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